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Rain Pants

  • HypaDry Men Rain Pro P - Pewter Grey Rain Pants
    HypaDry Men Rain Pro P - Pewter Grey Rain Pants

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The rains call out to people and ask them to step out, with monsoon treks offering a unique experience to any traveller. An important season in the Indian subcontinent, the monsoons give life to the land, but are also very unpredictable at times, so much so that you have to be prepared for a sudden outburst at any time. This is where Wildcraft's range of waterproof rain pants and trousers help, keeping you dry from the inside while you enjoy the most colourful season of the year. The rain pants and trousers help fight slush and dirt that accumulates in the outdoors following rainfall, protects from rainfall and also keeps away bugs and insects. The waterproof rain pants and trousers are designed to prevent even minute amounts of water from seeping into base layers, and helps keep insulated against strong monsoon winds. Trek in the rain and camp in the wild while braving the rain with the Wildcraft rain pants, available on our online store.