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Men's Packable Extra-Warm Down Jacket - Black

The Wildcraft Men's Down Jacket offers unbelievable warmth and value all wrapped into one. Down is one of the warmest materials you can use for winter insulation and this jacket consists of 90% Down feather, making it extra warm for the chilly winters. It is ultra-lightweight and packs into a pouch so it is convenient to carry around even when you’re not wearing it. If there was one jacket you needed this winter, the Wildcraft Down would be the one to choose.
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Care Usage

Ultra lightweight

Packs into a pouch so it's easy to carry around

Down is one of the warmest forms of insulation for winter. It is the feather closest to the skin of birds making it highly effective filling for an extra-warm winter jacket

Wind stopping

Full front zip with protective chin guard

Ultra lightweight hooded down insulation jacket

Down is the feather closest to the skin of birds.

It is one of the best fillings possible for a warm winter jacket

Packable so it’s compact and easy to carry around

Wind stopping

Full front zipper with protective chin guard

Material Specifications: Shell: 100% Nylon; Filling: 90% Down feather, 10% feather

Wash with similar colours, in a machine or by hand in cold water.

Use only a mild soap.

Do not scrub.

Do not wash jackets.

Dry clean them.

Down jackets must never be washed.

Air-dry all clothing before storing it.

Packable clothing should not be stored in its packed form for too long.

Keep packable jackets and pants hung or folded in a cool, dry place.

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