A Winter To Remember

If you haven’t yet made a winter trip, fret not. There’s still a whole month and a number of...
Meet the experts
Pankaj Singh
Expert in bouldering/Trekking

Passionate about bouldering and trail running.  The  Ladakh region and the western ghats are preferred outdoor destinations.  Exploring new trails and hiking the mountains make up my most favorite activities.

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Naveed Mulki
Expert in Trail running

Passionate about trail running, distance cycling and hiking. The rain forest of the North East, the Himalayas and the eastern coastline are my preferred outdoor destinations. Running up hills and finding new trails are my favourite activities.

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Rishabh Malhotra
Expert in Mountain Biking

Trail riding and cycle touring are my passions and i spend most of my time exploring new places to ride in. Currently on a quest to rediscover trails in India. The Himalayas and the western coast of India surrounded by the ghats are my preferred outdoor destinations.

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