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Let the ideas flow – this is how the Bangalore Mirror published the story about the Wildcraft office space. The story highlights that for creative minds to work together, there is need for a high energy working environment for free flow of ideas. Read the full article below!

Wildcraft office space
Wildcraft office space – Image credits: Bangalore Mirror
When creative minds work together, a high energy space is the first thing on the agenda

Inspired by their love for the outdoors, and openness when it comes to work culture, the Wildcraft office was designed with one philosophy in mind -free flow of thoughts, and collaboration.“The space is designed to keep conversations and energies flowing. We have used vivid greens, large windows, focus spots for informal conversations, and glass-fronted meeting rooms. There are no dividing panels between work stations, and teams sit next to each other and work. We felt it was essential that the design of our work space reflected our work culture,“ says Surabhi Talwar, marketing communications head, Wildcraft.

A flat structure is key, and the organisation has stayed true to that.

The upper management has glass walled cabins, and therefore they’re all always part of the action. “The senior members’ offices spaces are limited in number. Even though they have their own space, the cabins are glass fronted giving them a more approachable feel. There are many break-out zones on each floor -sofas or cushioned chairs seating that accommodate about three to four people. The idea is to enable `chatter’. We believe in talking more than emailing, a culture difficult to find in today’s digital obsessed age,“ adds Talwar.

Creativity is defined differently across organisations, and at Wildcraft it’s defined as `a solution that can be turned into reality’. There are a few teams (designers mainly) who invent products, but the rest of them find creativity in their approach to everyday that s where a business solutions. And that’s cheerful work environment comes handy; it helps them to come up with out-of-the-box ideas. After all, efficiency is defined not only by how fast things move, but by how effectively they are done. Designed by Praxis, the office structure brings nature quite close to brick and mortar because at Wildcraft it’s important to remember that the outdoors is home to everyone who works there. Plus a touch of green always makes you feel more at peace.

Taking the concept of `inspiration from nature’ forward, the colours around the office earthy, focusing more on brown, red, green, and yellow. Textures have been added in the form of wooden cabinets and countertops, and splashes of colour come in the form of carpets in some of the rooms. Some of the key features in the office space are the break-out zones and meeting areas which are very popular among employees. The casual environment allows them to conduct business without the feeling of being enclosed in a large conference hall, and the break-out area is done up with pebbles and plants.

One of the most popular hangout spots at the office is the terrace, where the employees gather for lunch among other things. Apart from the rows of tables for people to sit and eat together, hanging lights set off against a row of greenery at one end of the terrace adds a lovely quaint touch to the whole space. It’s also where people get together to celebrate birthdays, and other special occasions. They also have a small garden patch, just in case someone needs a `thinking spot’.

This article appeared originally in Bangalore Mirror, Jun 14 2016.


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