The Root Bridges of Meghalaya – Monument minus the crowd


While the root bridges are the biggest attraction waiting for you in Meghalaya, there is only one iconic bridge that everyone goes to. The fact is that Nongriat and other villages around Meghalaya are peppered with these root bridges and all of those bridges have next to no tourists visiting. Even the main root bridge is nestled 3000 steps below the main valley, so you have crowds coming in minimal numbers and leaving quite early because of long climb back. If you want to avoid even the occasional selfie-taking tourist, then just take the trail to Nohkalikai falls from Nongriat and you will cross a river which houses a couple of other root bridges. These bridges made completely by roots of a tree and supported in some places by wire can shake and swing a little while you cross, but deep down you get the feeling that it has broken in 200 years, it surely will not break now.


Where to go: Nongriat
Best time to visit – March – April, September- March
Gear to carry – A hiking stick as you will be going down and climbing up 3000 steps. A daypack and a rain jacket and carry lots of water and food as some of these places have no eating joints.
Weather: Mostly humid



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