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Trekking is one of the more popular extensions of travel. The idea of packing those vital belongings and exploring a remote destination is truly a sensorial experience. Imagine trekking your way up the beautiful forests of the Western ghats, the sounds of crickets and myriad insects echoing around you, surrounded by tall trees that overshadow you. You have only one intention- to find some great vantage points and a place to setup camp, so you can just lie down and stargaze.


Trekking gives ample opportunity when it comes to photography. The chance to capture some beautiful scenery and rare wildlife is exhilarating. It also brings about a sense of freedom when you’re finding your way through the adventure. The thought of challenging yourself physically and mentally is intriguing and treks provide the perfect platform to find the right balance. Once you have become a seasoned trekker, you will exude the right amount of confidence and experience. It is a well-known fact that trekking builds character. It is not just about reaching your destination. Preparing for the walk; travelling the route which leads to the destination; making the best use of the resources at hand; all come together to create one seamless experience.


Obviously, given our ardour for exploration and to capture those visually stunning sights, most treks will journey across a multitude of terrains and one will often experience changes in altitude.

Check out these great treks for both beginners and veterans:

Hampta pass trek – The Hampta Pass trek journeys across a distance of approx. 35 kms, taking adventurists from Hampta village in the Kullu valley to the picturesque Chatru in the Lahaul & Spiti valley. It is an ideal trek for a first high altitude adventure for any enthusiastic trekker. On the trek, one can usually find themselves travelling through ever-changing landscapes, from thick verdant forests, to snow clad valleys and finally through the distinctive barren landscape of Lahaul and Spiti.

Max Altitude: 4400 m

Kolli hills trek – The trek through Kolli hills opens up the doorway to a plethora experiences for all discerning trekkers. While on the trek one will be left in awe off the natural wonders around, the dense greenery to natural rivers, steep ascents and spectacular waterfalls. Meandering through deep water and finding oneself under the gaze of a 300ft waterfall, will leave one frozen in the moment.

Max Altitude: 1300 m

Chembra Peak- Wayanad – A paradise for trekkers, the Chembra Peak stands at an incredible 2100 m, making it the highest peak in the Wayanad district, Kerala. When making the journey to the top of the peak, one will come across a renowned heart shaped lake which is water laden all through the year. But that’s not the only thing, one can also run into a diversity of wildlife, from elephants, deer, leopards etc. Once at the top, the whole of Wayanad district can be seen from the peak, not to mention some stunning views of the landscape around, when it is not foggy. The grasslands also provide the ideal places for some overnight camping.

Max Altitude: 2100 m

Brahmagiri trek – The Brahmagiri trek is one of the most popular treks in Karnataka and one of the few, which strikes a balance between stunning views and being a beginner-friendly trek. The trek journeys through the interiors of the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, which borders Kerala and is home to large herds of elephants and other exotic wildlife. Wild elephant sightings are not uncommon, along with the occasional glimpses of Macaques, Gaurs, Spotted deer, etc. The trail passes through dense forests, endless grasslands, river streams and the famous Iruppu falls. It’s always exciting to explore nature in all its forms and the trek in Brahmagiri is one that brings out nature’s true essence, all through the year.

Max Altitude: 1608 m


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