Shorts & Trousers

Ease of movement and comfort play a crucial role when in the outdoors. From climbing pants and trail shorts to convertible trousers, Wildcraft has a massive range of hiking, running, camping and trekking shorts and pants to choose from. If you're looking to get out and experience rock climbing, rappelling, water sports or other outdoor activities, the main aim is to stay comfortable while taking on every challenge. Available online, these Wildcraft shorts and trousers for men help keep your lower body protected from external danger. Made with resistant material that helps the apparel stay durable over a long course of time, the convertible trousers are easy to pack and can be worn as pants, Bermudas or shorts, depending on the activity. Available at the Wildcraft online store, these shorts and trousers are both multi-purpose and versatile, and help you face the unexpected challenges of the outdoors.