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Sleeping Bags

  • Wildcraft Travelite Camping Sleeping Bag - Blue Sleeping Bags
    Wildcraft Travelite Camping Sleeping Bag - Blue Sleeping Bags
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Available to buy online, Wildcraft winter sleeping bags are made for both men and women and are also the most suitable change to your beds while travelling on your long hike while camping and experiencing the outdoors. Designed for the outdoors, these well-priced, lightweight Wildcraft sleeping bags come with extra cushioning on the hood area to give you added comfort while you camp under the winter stars. The bags are also fitted with internal accessible pockets to keep your personal belongings safe with you while you sleep. A crucial piece of lightweight equipment for an outdoor adventure while camping and hiking, these well priced sleeping bags are made with material that can endure the harshest of conditions at a reasonable price. Available to buy online, the sleeping bags are also very lightweight and very compact, making it simple and easy to carry in your backpack or rucksack while camping. Soft sewn material for added comfort for cold winters, the sleeping bags are lightweight and easily foldable so that they can be fitted into their covers with great ease. Available to buy on the Wildcraft online store, these well-priced winter sleeping bags come in a range of vivid colors for both men and women so make sure you buy a bag for your outdoor adventures. Head over to the online store to buy a lightweight sleeping bag now for your hiking travels.