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  • Rucksack For Trekking Creek 35L - Red Rucksacks
    Rucksack For Trekking Creek 35L - Red Rucksacks
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  • Rucksack For Trekking Creek 35L - Orange Rucksacks
    Rucksack For Trekking Creek 35L - Orange Rucksacks
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  • Rucksack For Trekking Creek 35L - Black Rucksacks
    Rucksack For Trekking Creek 35L - Black Rucksacks
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Wildcraft rucksacks are made to help you journey across difficult terrains with ease. Built with the new-age traveler in mind, our rucksack backpacks are designed with ergonomic design to help increase comfort while reducing pack weight. Long journeys in the outdoors require you to carry a lot of stuff, so, Wildcraft rucksacks are made to share your burden. Whether you want to buy a rucksack for men, a rucksack for women or a rucksack for teenagers, Wildcraft has a wide range for you to choose from.

The rucksack bags are multi-functional and help you enjoy your outdoor treks and hikes. They make for great travel rucksacks as they have a number of pockets to help you pack compact and easily access your outdoor essentials. Made with abrasion-resistant material and fabric with high tensile strength, a Wildcraft waterproof rucksack can withstand the harshest conditions the terrains throw at you. You can use a big rucksack for trekking or pick a small rucksack for hiking, depending on your need.

You can buy these rucksacks online from the Wildcraft website. They will help you pack just the right amount of stuff for the journey and match your ready for anything attitude.

  • How big rucksack do I need / What Size Rucksack Do I Need?

    The rucksack size depends on the kit and clothing you carry and the type of activity you indulge in. As the activity intensity goes up, increase the size of the rucksack. For example, if you are heading for a day out with light activity, a rucksack of 6-10 litres is best while extended trekking trips of more than one day will require a rucksack of 60+ litre quantity.

  • How to clean rucksack / how to wash rucksacks?

    Quality rucksacks are an excellent investment. Keep them clean and they will last for a long time. When it comes to cleaning and washing them—

    • Do not machine wash them.
    • Hand washes your rucksacks.
    • Rinse them well and then air-dry them.
    • Never expose your rucksack to any chemicals or oxidising agents, direct sunlight, or mould. Store them in a cool and dry place.
  • What rucksacks used for?

    Rucksacks are sturdy bags used to store and carry travel gear for extended periods. The contents often include sleeping bags , tents, toiletries, foodstuff, and more. They are carried on the shoulders and secured via straps for a better fit.

  • What are rucksacks made out of?

    Wildcraft rucksacks use high-quality fabrics sourced from only the best manufacturers. Some of the fabrics used include Nylon Dobby, Robic, and Hypalon.

  • Are rucksack waterproof?

    Most Wildcraft rucksacks provide you with an inbuilt rain cover that prevents water from seeping in and damaging the contents inside.

  • Why are rucksacks measured in litres?

    When it comes to rucksacks, ‘volume’ is used to calculate and express the storage space. The volume is expressed in litres for the convenience of the customers for it is easier to remember and understand than cubic inches.

  • How to wear rucksacks?

    Wearing a rucksack is simple processes but do it wrong and you can injure yourself. Here is how you do it.

    • When you have filled the rucksack with your content, keep it on a table or on a sofa. They are often heavy and you do not want to injure yourself.
    • Keep your knees bent, back straight, and put one arm through the shoulder strap and lift it.
    • Now, put your other arm through the second shoulder strap.
    • Shrug your shoulders so that you can lock in the hip belt. Tighten it to your comfort level but ensure maximum weight is on the hips.
    • Now pull the load lifters towards yourself. This will bring the weight of the rucksack closer to your body. It will help you move around with ease.
    • Connect the breast strap to keep the shoulder straps in place when you are moving.
    • Adjust the other straps and walk around wearing the rucksack to ensure your hips support most of the weight followed by the shoulder.
  • How to adjust rucksacks?

    Here is the best way to adjust your rucksack?

    • Once you have loaded your rucksack, loosen all the straps.
    • Wear the rucksack and check your hip belt. It should sit right above your hips.
    • Buckle the hip belt and tighten it. Keep it tight but not discomforting.
    • The shoulder straps should sit right on the shoulder, if not, tighten it or else you might suffer an injury.
    • Now pull the load lifters towards yourself. This will bring the weight of the rucksack closer to your body. It will help you move around with ease.
    • Tighten the breast straps according to your needs.
    • Now walk around a bit and if there is a need for any adjustment of the rucksack, adjust them till you are comfortable.
  • How to pack rucksacks?

    Here are the best way pack rucksacks:

    • Wherever you go and whatever you take, the weight of the rucksack should not exceed a quarter of your body weight.
    • Try to carry the essentials so that you do not over-pack.
    • Lay out the stuff you wish to carry on the bed or on a table—this will help you remember every item and even cut some unnecessary ones.
    • Roll clothing items tightly to maximise space.
    • To create even weight distribution, place all heavy items towards the lower half of the rucksack.
    • Lighter items should be placed in the top portion of the rucksack.
    • Use the side pockets to store necessary items and medical aid.
    • Attach the sleeping mat in a vertical position to the rucksack.

    These tips will help you pack your rucksack in the best way possible.

  • What is the Rucksack Bags Price Range?

    Rucksack priced from INR 1500 to 15,000

  • Does Rucksacks come with Warranty?

    Wildcraft rucksacks are of the highest quality and each product is covered under some form of warranty. The products carry a warranty card specifying the warranty coverage and other terms and conditions.

  • Does Rucksack come with a rain cover?

    Most Wildcrafts rucksacks come with an inbuilt rain cover which prevents any water from seeping in and ensures all your content stays dry.

  • How many compartments does a rucksack have?

    Rucksacks come in a variety of designs—each with its own compartments. The best one comes with multiple compartments. You have the main the compartment for storage along with little pockets to store small necessities. Many rucksacks also offer separate compartments for sleeping bags and some have collapsible ones to store dirty objects or clothing. Choose a rucksack which suits your travelling needs.