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Functions and Usage

a) Which SIM card does the Wildcraft SPOT device support?

Wildcraft SPOT supports GSM900/1800 or 850/1900.

b) How does the App display accurate position?

Wildcraft SPOT is one of the most accurate GPS devices in the market. It works on the dual-mode positioning technology of GPS+LBS. However, due to high-rise buildings and other obstructions in urban areas, there may be a slight deviation in positioning when in such areas.

c) How often do I need to charge my device?

The device has a high battery capacity up to 600mAh. The standby time will depend on the Tracking settings that the user has enabled on the App. For manual tracking, the normal standby time is more than 100 hours.

d) Does Wildcraft SPOT need network support when using the positioning function?

Wildcraft SPOT needs to use the SIM card, which will upload data to the server, thus a network is a must.

Wear and Safety

a) Is the wristband safe and secure, especially when used by children?

The wristband is made up of silicone that conforms to all safety guidelines for children’s toys as specified by European Union and China. So there is no reason for you to worry when using Wildcraft SPOT.

b) How to clean the watch strap if it gets dirty?

If dirty, the wristband can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Ethanol can also be used if dirt is not easy to remove.

c) Does the device emit any harmful radiation?

No. The device does not emit any harmful radiation and can be worn safely without any worries.

d) How safe is the device battery? Are there any chances of an explosion?

Compared to the traditional lithium-ion battery, Wildcraft SPOT uses a battery that is highly portable, durable, safer and not easy to deform. The gel polymer lithium-ion battery uses a special colloidal electrolyte that eliminates the chances of an explosion. The battery has undergone multiple reliability tests and has performed safely in for crash, acupuncture, crushing and heating tests..

e) Is Wildcraft SPOT water-proof?

The device is water resistant. That means that it can endure light splashes of water but cannot be washed or soaked.

f) The device heats up while charging. Is that okay?

Yes, it is absolutely normal for the device to heat up a little while it is plugged in for charging.

Wherecom App usage

a) Which operating systems are supported by the device and the Application?

The Application works well with IOS 7.0 and above and Android 4.0 and above.

b) What should I do if I do not receive the verification code when pairing the device with my smart phone through the app?

i) In such a scenario, check your phone for the following:

ii) If there is signal availability for your SIM card.

iii) If yes, does the SIM card receive messages and browse internet normally?

iv) Is the IMEI code on the device same as that on the phone?

v) If all of the above are okay, then contact our customer care service at

c) I am not able to scan the QR code. What should I do?

In case of failure in scanning QR, try scanning again in a brighter place or adjust the distance between the camera lens and the QR code.

Post-purchase queries and complaints

a) Who should I contact if I face any technical difficulty while using the device?

Our support team is available to help you with any problems that you face with the device or the App. Please contact to register your queries and complaints.

b) Is there a warranty applicable on Wildcraft SPOT in case of damage?

Wildcraft SPOT comes with a 6 months warranty. In case a device is faulty when it is delivered, we will replace it. The warranty in not applicable in case of any physical impact or water damage. The device will be replaced with another Wildcraft SPOT device only. No refunds will be entertained in such a scenario.

c) Does SPOT come with a preloaded the SIM card?

No, it does not. You can buy a micro SIM card & connection from your preferred Service Provider. You can buy a local SIM number (pre-paid or post-paid), please make sure that the SIM is Talk-time + SMS + Internet Data enabled. We recommend that you activate the "Do Not Disturb" facility with your service provider to avoid unwanted calls.

d) Will SPOT work anywhere?

Yes. Just like any mobile phone the SPOT would work anywhere as long as a GSM connectivity (Mobile Network) is available there. The Talk-time + SMS + Internet Data charges may be vary. Please check with your GSM Service Provider for more information.

e) What's in the Box ?

What's in the Box ?

The SPOT gift box will contain

1 SPOT device

1 Wireless magnetic USB charger

1 silicon wrist strap

1 Silicon pet clip

1 Clip holder

1 Power ON/OFF pin

User manual

f) Advantage of Wildcraft SPOT over other Smartphone GPS Applications

i) Wildcraft SPOT can be used in places where a mobile phone is restricted (specially schools)

ii) More user-friendly and can be accessed very quickly as compared to any Apps at the time of an emergency.

iii) A simple click of the button initiates an SOS signal to the registered mobile number.

iv) With the voice calling facility, Wildcraft SPOT acts as an additional mobile device.

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