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Men's Commuter Pants - Navy Blue

These Men’s Commuter Pants are built keeping the tiny details in mind. The pockets at the back have been shifted slightly to the side so you’re not sitting uncomfortably on your wallet and there is one side pockets which is zip-secured so that your smaller valuables remain safe. The pants have a relaxed fit and have a reinforced stitch at critical stress points to ensure they last longer.
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Care Usage

Relaxed fit for non-restrictive movement and active user comfort

Reinforced stitching at critical stress points

Pockets positioned on the side instead of the back so the wallet doesn’t get in the way while seated

Zip-secured side pockets

Material Specifications: 100% Cotton

Weight: 530 gms

Wash with similar colours, in a machine or by hand in cold water.

Use only a mild soap.

Do not scrub.

Do not wash jackets.

Dry clean them.

Down jackets must never be washed.

Air-dry all clothing before storing it.

Packable clothing should not be stored in its packed form for too long.

Keep packable jackets and pants hung or folded in a cool, dry place.

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